At the end of the contest, each candidate has to produce some content with the prizes obtained:


Upon receiving the package with the prizes, a video must be recorded unpacking the prizes. The requirements are:

It will be guaranteed to be shown equally and fairly to all candidates. Thus, each candidate has to take advantage of the online factor to promote himself/herself. For this purpose, it is recommended:

– Vertical video
– From 2 to 5 minutes

Show off prizes (Runners-up)

For the promotional photo, the candidates have to take a picture of themselves showing off the awards. The requirements are:

– Horizontal and high quality photo (No B/W, no watermarks).
– White background (No door or cabinet)
– Full body
– Dress
– Colorful make-up and accessories
– With heels or shoes

For runners-up:

– With sash(es) on the arm wrist (text on the sash must be legible in the photo).

For winners:

– With crown
– Winner’s sash on the wrist of the arm (the text on the sash must be legible on the photo).

Legal Disclaimer
If a winner fails to fulfill his/her obligations after winning, the winner may forfeit the title of queen.